Crack Sealing

What is Crack Sealing?

Crack Sealing is a high-performance form of asphalt and roadway repair. It’s highly effective for many types of road surface damage including longitudinal cracking, transverse cracking and block cracking. Prior to applying a special mixture of fiber modified asphalt in the cracked area, the cracks are routed, allowing for better adhesion and endurance of temperature fluctuations.


What About Longevity?

Depending on local conditions, hot-applied rubber and fiber modified asphalt placed in a flush configuration will last between 6 and 8 years. This material is a softer more flexible sealant to withstand the colder temperatures and greater pavement movements.


Hot applied rubberized asphalt road repairs typically save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year

For pennies on the dollar, you can avoid costly asphalt replacement with crack sealing performed by professionals. The cost of replacement can be 20 – 30 times more expensive than a single maintenance procedure.

Strict Adherence to NMDOT Specifications

The New Mexico Department of Transportation’s requirements and specifications on Crack Sealing of all State Roadways can be found at this link: